Interview with Destiny on Twitch/YouTube

On the 29th I sat down for a conversation and interview with the Twitch streamer Destiny, who was able to explore a number of his top issues with me and who gave me a chance to speak about some of the things I consider vitally important in this election. Since then the interview has been seen by about 40,000 people and counting!

August 29th, 2019|

Corona-Norco Candidate Forum

I spoke at the Democrats of Corona-Norco on 27 August. The event was meant as a forum where both candidates for the 42nd could present their vision, but the other candidate, once again, did not participate. I thank the club for hosting this forum, and allowing me to present my strategy and rationale for the race, and for their thoughtful questions. As a candidate, I make the time to attend club meetings, town halls, and other public events to ensure I am speaking directly with the people, and making myself accountable to them. And since I’m committed to being available as a candidate, you can be assured I’ll do the same when elected as your Congress member.

August 27th, 2019|

Interview on The Young Turks

Since we’re all based in Southern California and could do it in-studio, I ran up to Los Angeles with Bridget and Maya for an interview on The Young Turks’ show The Conversation with host Brooke Thomas. It was scheduled to be with Cenk Uygur, but worked out well this way from my perspective since I really enjoyed Brooke’s questioning style, and I was able to address quite a few topics for such a short segment. I was given no clue what sort of things she would ask, which made it fun for me! We discussed how a historian could help the Congress function better, why we should want to get rid of the incumbent, where I stand on impeachment, how I plan to reach out to conservative and independent voters, what my views are on health care policy, and how I would approach criminal justice reform and the student debt crisis.

August 1st, 2019|

Twitch Stream Interview with Alebrelle

Late in the evening I joined Alebrelle’s show on the Twitch streaming platform for a wide-ranging interview and discussion of policies and politics. He did enough homework on me to ask some very pointed questions from a leftist perspective, and his audience contributed a good many more. What was expected to last an hour or two ended up filling his entire show-time of three-plus hours! I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to respond directly to substantive questions about our national direction, and know that Bridget has a number of other such opportunities waiting for me in future. 🙂

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July 21st, 2019|
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