Our veterans deserve the best possible care, and assistance with reintegration once their terms of service is done. I will support efforts to reform and expand Veterans Administration services, fully fund existing programs, and fight against the discriminatory policies which bar women and LGBT+ citizens from service at various levels. Anyone physically able and willing to serve, assuming they meet all ability tests, should be able to serve her or his country in what capacity they wish.

Several members of my family are veterans of the US armed forces in various branches, and I enlisted to serve shortly after high school but asthma kept me from serving my country. Enlistment in the military is a noble calling, and while I have opposed most foreign military engagements, I have never once blamed the fighting men and women for those wars. On the contrary, I always supported the troops – it is the wars I reject. To that end, I would work to bring troops back from many of our unnecessary foreign bases and from service in combat operations that are not in the vital national interest of the United States. The best way to support the troops is to take them out of harm’s way!

Photo by Senior Airman Donald Hudson.  Courtesy U.S. Department of Defense