Absolutely, yes – I have already reworked my teaching schedule to give me most of the week for campaign events and efforts. I did a Ph.D. while working full-time teaching five to ten classes per semester, so I am accustomed to those long, long weeks! I have deep reserves of energy, ambition, and patience, and I can manage a highly-stressful endeavor without sacrificing anything. I am building a campaign that will reach out to every part of our community – to neighborhoods generally neglected, to churches and mosques and synagogues, to students at every area campus (whether in the district or adjacent to it), to Hispanic/Latino groups and Native Americans, to the independent working class in the rural sectors of the 42nd, and to every civil-society group who will allow me to speak. I am a tireless worker and am building a dedicated team to put in the time and effort needed – and with your help, we will knock Calvert out of office at last.

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