I am absolutely running to win and the 42nd can be won. It is, demographically speaking, already a purple district. What it lacks are two key ingredients to flip it blue – enough money to run a massive canvassing and get-out-the-vote operation touching every part of the district, and a candidate who can appeal to working class independents, non-voters (the youth and minority communities, especially), and progressive Democrats alike. The second point is addressed, I would argue, by running an outsider like me who can make an appeal to authenticity and an independent, analytical character, which transcends the “D” on the ballot. The first issue is a more persistent problem, and one that I will seek to address by deploying national contacts to build a major fundraising operation and draw in resources not only from the district but far outside of it. The state and national party bosses will not see the 42nd as winnable, and will not commit the kind of cash that we need, until we can prove that it is winnable, by greatly improving on the fundraising efforts of the past. The funds are not for expensive, big-ticket buys, but for two key things – a more professional core operation, and a much more extensive ground-game than is possible on the shoestring budgets we have been stuck with up to now. My strategy will center on breaking past patterns and changing the rules so that our district gets national attention for a change.

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