Calvert is welcome to play as dirty as he likes. I am open about my life and have no dirty secrets – I have led a clean life of hard work, and am ashamed of no part of it. If he attacks me on something, I will calmly respond to it, then move on. Letting your opponent dictate the terms of engagement and keep you on defense is a mistake too many Democrats make. My default approach to dirty politics will be to post a rebuttal so that people who are concerned can find it, and will try thereafter to ignore the matter and continue to focus on policy. My Stoic mentality towards personal attacks should insulate me from the need to fire back at every slight, and I am by character opposed to dirty politics – which I view as a trap laid by some politicians to take you off message. I will attack Calvert on the issues, and his abominable record – not on his personal life.

As to the money, I will hope to increase our success in this area. Much of the things on which Calvert spends money are simply irrelevant to beating him. We do not need television or radio buys, or huge billboards – what we need is a canvassing operation that can knock on every door, and a get-out-the-vote machine that can deliver people to the polls. We will need to raise more than has ever been raised in order to win, but we do not need to exceed his haul because our strategy differs completely.

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