Andrew Yang
Former Presidential Candidate
Founder, Humanity Forward

Liam O’Mara grew up a working class kid in a union household. His father worked on the docks and his Mom ran a daycare. The first in his family to go to college, Liam didn’t start college until he was 30 but went on to get his PhD in history and become a professor. Liam gets real life but also gets the big picture. For those who are fed up with the same old politicians, Liam is a great candidate to support. He won his competitive primary and now faces a 27-year Republican incumbent. I’d love to see Liam fighting for better policies on Capitol Hill.

Melanie Murphy-Corwin
Commissioner, Instructional Quality Commission
Retired, Administrator and Teacher, Corona-Norco Unified School District
Past President: AAUW, Corona-Norco; P.E.O. Chapter SI, Corona, CA; Circle City Kiwanis, Corona, CA

As a retired educator with over 40 years of experience and as a current Instructional Quality Commissioner with the State of California, I am endorsing Liam O’Mara for Congress. A person with integrity, honesty and energy, Liam O’Mara brings a strong educational background to this upcoming election for a position in the House of Representatives. He is a person who believes in freedom, equality, truth, and democracy and he gives us hope for a better tomorrow. I endorse him and I ask for your support. Isn’t it time we had a real voice in Congress?

Michelle Singleton
Former Candidate for Assembly District 67
Local Teacher

I enthusiastically endorse Liam O’Mara for Congress to represent District 42! As a former state assembly candidate in the area, I can tell you that Liam represents the hard-working, community-focused, and determined people of this district. He understands the needs of the Inland Empire. As a political science instructor, I appreciate Liam’s ability to actively listen to others, bring people together, and find agreement amongst differences – all characteristics our political culture is desperately lacking. As a mother, I have confidence in Liam to ensure both safety and opportunity for my son. I encourage you to join me in voting for Liam O’Mara for Congress!

Steve Ruth
Former Commissioner, Planning and Housing, City of Corona
Retired, Central Intelligence Agency Officer
Former Chair, Riverside County Democratic Party
(Past positions/titles used for identification purposes only.)

Dr. Liam O’Mara possesses a deep understanding of the issues facing the residents of Riverside County, and has the knowledge and ability to represent us in Congress. Liam has my full support.

Penny Newman
Executive Director, Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ)
Riverside County Supervisor Candidate, 2018

It is with great pleasure that I support Liam O’Mara for Congress in District 42.  Liam’s working-class background, analytical mind, historical perspective, provides him with the ability to find comprehensive solutions to critical issues not the usual simple, superficial “bandaid” approaches usually offered. His profession and experience as a teacher allows him to effectively communicate with people of all ages and walks of life. He will make a great representative.

Elizabeth “Liz” Lavertu
Candidate, Assembly District 71

I am pleased to endorse Liam O’Mara for California’s Congressional District 42. Liam has shown that he will work hard to ensure everyone’s voice is heard in DC. His vision to create a safe, affordable, and secure future is paramount. Liam has been against senseless wars that waste our taxpayer dollars and is focused on investing in our aging population by expanding Social Security and ensuring healthcare and schools have priority funding. Join me with your support and vote on March 3rd.

Kate Schwartz
Healthcare Director and AD 75 Candidate

Good Day, My name is Kate Schwartz. I am a candidate for State Assembly, and I endorse Liam O’Mara for Congress. As a hardworking college professor of history, Liam is prepared to bring an educated perspective back to Washington DC. And as the son of working class union parents, Liam is prepared to represent us all and change the direction of Washington. Liam understands that decent housing and good jobs are out of reach for so many. And while productivity climbs and corporations see record profits, the American Dream is dying for many of us. I feel confident that Liam will represent us all in Washington and create the change we need at this time in our country’s history. Please join me in supporting Liam O’Mara for Congress.

Jorge R. Lopez
RCDP – Controller

I support Professor Dr. Liam O’Mara for Congress because his background in economics will offer real solutions for the people and his life as a union member will serve the needs of his constituents in the 42nd above the whims of the 1%.

* this is a personal endorsement, and may not be construed as an endorsement by any organization of which I am a member.

Mark LeVine
Professor of Modern Middle East History, University of California, Irvine

Liam O’Mara is the most brilliant student I’ve ever had, and more important, the most ethically grounded. I cannot imagine a person better suited to the Congress America needs today than Liam. And, Liam is the closest a white dude with a long beard and braids can get to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez this side of the continental divide.

Tami Sims
Temecula Resident
Board Member, Temecula Valley Democrats
Former Navy Nurse

It is my great honor to personally give my endorsement to Dr Liam O’Mara. Over these past months, I have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of the various candidates in the upcoming elections. Liam’s honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into our community’s problems and needs, and his willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns, sets him far apart from the other candidates. So I am writing today to express my support for his campaign and my intention both to vote for Liam in the upcoming endorsement vote’s with the many clubs to which I belong, and to also spread word to others of the value of his policies and abilities

Anthony Vilante
Aerospace Engineer and Juris Doctor

In over 20 years of experience in the aerospace industry, both on civil and military projects, I have interacted with many professionals from various sectors. Liam O’Mara is one individual whom I had the pleasure of working with that uniquely stands out. During our time at AASI aircraft, Liam displayed great talent and skills in understanding and implementing network cyber security and data management. His professionalism and work ethic was impressive and often time he volunteered to take on the most difficult tasks head on. It is not just his technical skills that was impressive, but also his positive attitude and personality that made an impact on others as well. In a short-term, Liam quickly became one of the most valued employees, the person everyone went to with questions and special projects. His dedication and willingness to work long hours to get the job done made him a favorite team member on staff. In his time at AASI, Liam showed the technical, organizational, and interpersonal skills that make him an exceptional team lead. I am confident that Liam would be a great representative. Not only will he bring the kind of leadership required for the job, but also a genuine and honest person whose goal in life is to serve the public to the best of his ability.

Finn J. Pette
Labor Activist, Small Business Owner

Professor O’Mara has taken the time to study people, relationships and history. His knowledge in sifting through these diversities make him uniquely qualified to lead, but also to inspire. His candidacy will breathe fresh air into our political system and build a bridge to better, more cohesive community. I’m proud to support Liam O’Mara for the House and hope you’ll consider him for your vote.

Robert A. Slayton
Professor of History

Liam O’Mara is a defender of the people. In an era where so many Americans are struggling, are finding their dreams denied, this is a champion, someone who will fight for every constituent, on every block, in every section of the district

Mark Peng
Student, Chapman University

As a student I’ve had the pleasure of taking two classes with Liam. He is a passionate, knowledgeable, and well-spoken professor that taught us to examine everything from multiple viewpoints. He conducts himself in a kind and open manner as he genuinely values your thoughts and opinions. As a congressman I believe these skills would be vital to eloquently voicing the views of his constituents and advancing policies within the House of Representatives. Liam has taught me to look at world issues as more than just black and white, and I am forever grateful of his drive to broaden my view of the world.

Ingrid Wilkerson
Professor of History, California State University, Northridge

Liam O’Mara and I both went to UC Irvine, and met while completing the graduate program in history, so I’ve known him over a decade. A brilliant mind with a heart as big as my home state of Texas, he’s the real deal when it comes to bringing a lot of assets to the political table. These assets include a combination of actually knowing about the machinations of history and politics, combined with a down to earth common sense about how to get things to run efficiently and for a greater good is something exceptional for a Representative.

A true Renaissance man who is as adept at the art of cooperation as he is with debate, and can labor shoulder to shoulder with any working man and then shift gears to a desk and deal with complex laws. It would be wonderful to replace some “career politicians” out of their stagnant comfort zone and put someone who is not only capable of dealing with convoluted political issues intelligently, but can also put the full force of the boundless energy it takes to help hundreds of students successfully achieve their careers into helping his constituents achieve the kind of government that works tirelessly for them.

As someone who has watched the ignorance, avarice, and power hungry career politicians not only abuse their positions, ignore their constituents and serve only themselves, I would like to see someone with the integrity and vision of Liam O’Mara actually get the opportunity to change something to help us all get back on a positive track to good governance.

Andrew Harman
Project Archivist, Chapman University

Liam was not only my professor for several classes at Chapman University, he was also my mentor, thesis advisor, and remains my friend. I sought out many of his classes and continue to seek his counsel because I trust his abundant knowledge of world and local affairs, and more than any other person I’ve met he genuinely cares about the people around him and in the global community. His unfailing humor and ability to communicate on a human level adds to his abilities as a scholar, making him exactly the kind of person this country needs.

Daniel Espiritu
Student, Chapman University

Liam O’Mara was one of the most insightful professors that I had at Chapman University. His knowledge of history gives him a unique perspective on the contemporary political climate that seems to be absent in the chambers of Congress. If his intelligence alone does not make him an outstanding candidate for the House, he is also an incredibly hard working and detail-oriented person. He is progressive on the issues that affect working people in the United States, but he never allows his idealism to interfere with his pragmatism. He takes a grassroots approach to politics, and the voters in his district deserve nothing less than that. His values and skillset make him exactly the kind of person that we need to find solutions and lead us through this difficult time in our country’s history. By electing Liam O’Mara to Congress, we would be taking an enormous step toward creating a congress that works for all Americans, and not just those with the money and influence to dictate political institutions.

Cameron Philip Nathan
Friend and Small Business Owner

As citizens of a democracy, we tend to look for the most outstanding qualities in someone before supporting them. We look for trustworthiness, wisdom, empathy, and above all the willingness and responsibility to put all those traits into action. I look no further than the character of Liam O’Mara when discussing these attributes. Liam is a brilliant renaissance man who has contributed in so many different ways and in so many various fields to the pursuit of knowledge whether it be as a professor inside the classroom or an author and vlogger outside the classroom.

I would not doubt for a second that he wouldn’t utilize the same approach to good governance and care for his community. In the several years I have now known Liam, he has remained stalwart to his ethos of Liberty, Equality, Knowledge, and Justice. It is time we allow for an educator such as Liam to teach his opponents and other politicians around the country how to stand up for and lead a community. That is why I support Liam O’Mara for California’s 42nd Congressional District.

Shane Romick
Student, Chapman University

In my junior year of College, I had the pleasure of taking Liam O’Mara’s History of Sexuality Course. His class really changed things for me. He taught with genuine understanding, an openness to debate, and a sense of humor that was both impressive and refreshing. The class helped me become more confidant in my identity and more open to the world around me. I hate to think who I would be without it. The same intelligence and understanding Liam employed in my class would serve him well in the House. He possesses all the qualities that we deserve in our leaders and is exactly what we need right now.

Laura Klein, Ph.D.
Lecturer in French, University of California, Irvine

In my fourth year of graduate school at UC Irvine I met Liam O’Mara while taking a class in Arabic, I was studying the language to understand literature and colonization, while he was a scholar in the history of the Middle East. Years later I found him again on Facebook and we stayed friends because of three major qualities: he is a progressive thinker; he welcomes everyone to the debate, even those of antagonistic views and engages in rational dialogues; he is funny.

Ben Khwaja

Liam helped educate me, as a lecturer and section-leader for an undergraduate class on political Islam at UC Irvine. Although I now know Liam’s political beliefs in some detail, he kept an atmosphere of openness and non-judgement in the classroom that allowed for a wide breadth of conversation centered around the main topic of Islam and politics in the middle east and north Africa. Once I got to know Liam a bit better, while he aided in grad school applications, his strong convictions were clear and he always had the knowledge and argument to back them up.

His convictions also matched my own, and he’s been continuing to educate with well-reasoned social media postings and interpretations of current events. If the beard conveys wisdom, your assumptions are correct. Liam’s beliefs are wholly progressive and practical for creating people-focused and environmentally friendly policies. His knowledge on politics, economics, philosophy would make him a valuable resource for the progressive movement both locally in southern California and the inland empire and on a national stage.

Bobby Miller, Ph.D.
Candidate in Integrated Biosciences, University of Akron

Liam O’Mara IV is an excellent candidate for Representative of California’s 42nd district. His career in education and history gives him a unique perspective interacting with his constituents. He is very organized, well-read, well-spoken, and thoughtful. Liam is passionate about addressing all the issues effecting the populace of Riverside County. Passing Universal Healthcare would allow citizens to save money receiving healthcare and prescriptions. Education has been the most reliable method for social mobility, and therefore is a focus of Liam’s. Many people are being hindered by the backbreaking cost of going to college. Liam is also a champion of the working class. He is campaigning for a higher minimum wage.

Evan Frangesh
Student, Chapman University

Dr. William O’Mara without a doubt would be an excellent addition to the House of Representatives. As a student at Chapman University, I am lucky to have worked with a brilliant history professor that is incredibly hardworking, creative, knowledgeable, and incredibly detailed in his work. As an established scholar and knowing the true value of knowledge, Dr. O’Mara is more than qualified for a seat in the House of Representatives.

A. Bay
Irvine, CA

My STEM kid at Chapman wanted to change his career trajectory after taking one of Professor O’Mara’s history classes.

Jen Lopez
Student, San Diego Mesa College

Professor O’Mara has a bright personality, therefore when I attended his class about two years ago where his lecture was three hours long, it was so enjoyable I didn’t mind sitting there for three hours due to how passionate he was at explaining every detail. I believe it is very challenging to teach a history class, most people find it boring, and few of us really fond over certain periods of time… therefore, Professor O’Mara’s eyes would light up, had fun powerpoints, and relatable memes that paired really well with the lesson of that day — in other words, he puts a lot of work in his profession and lots of fun trying to create something special that everyone was able to understand.

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